Frame Design

First of all, our design team will combine today's fashion trends to design divisions,

form the prototype of the framework through CAD software,

and then match and combine a variety of raw material color samples to obtain inspiration,

and conduct initial design to obtain product prototypes.

Frame material

Our frame is made of high-quality acetate fiber material,

which is environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant, low shrinkage and not easy to deform.

Good quality raw materials can produce good products.

1.The raw material of the frame is composed of transparent acetate fiber

2.Match these transparent particles with a variety of colorful colors

3.Put the color particles into the mold according

to the proportion for thermoforming

4.After 24 hours, these colored particles combined into a swatch

Frame production

Relying on advanced machinery and equipment,

combined with the engineer’s manual skills to produce high-quality spectacle frames

1. Cut the raw material block b size16 p5 text_c pb10 nav_item_link into the design shape

of the mirror frame through the CNC machine tool.

transforms sheets of strong, lightweight, flexible,

and hypoallergenic acetate into fashion-forward frames.

2.The rough cut mirror frame is polished smoothly

in a polishing machine by stirring and rolling with sawdust.

3.The metal spring hinge is placed in the temple

to connect the frame and fix it and adjust it

4.Hinge heads are embedded at both ends

of the frame for connecting temple

5.Frame assembly

6.Correct and check the frame

Lenses assembly

Use an advanced edger to cut and assemble the lens onto the frame

1.Prepare the frame and lens according to

the customer's order details.

2.Grind the lens into a frame shape using a CNC cutting

machine The glasses undergo final prescription inspection.

3.Put the processed lens into the frame

4.Assemble the lens to complete the prescription inspection

A pair of perfect glasses show up in front of you.

After each pair of glasses is manufactured and passed through the stringent quality control process,

it is carefully packed into a eyeglasses case with a complimentary lens cloth.

Quality Cotrol

Carry out the final inspection before shipping per order.

In each step of the manufacturing process, the product quality will be strictly checked,

including the frame, lens and prescription.

The final QC checks for ensures that each eyeglass prescription matches its original order before releasing it for shipping.

to ensure that each customer receives a satisfactory and perfect product.

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